Everyone likes some free advice. And tips are even better. Kleen Tank, the nation’s leading RV holding tank cleaning company has been servicing RVs for ten years and has seen and experienced just about everything you can imagine! So instead of those myths, the advice of some unknown (and even “known experts”) RVers online, and that guy camping next to you claiming to have owned the first RV ever built, why not listen to company that has worked on tends of thousands of RVs?

Water, water, water
You’ve heard it before, but we can’t stress the importance of using a lot of water (when you can) in your RV. This isn’t your flush-and-forget home, so extra water usage is needed to keep everything clean and moving along. Here’s some things to do:

  • Travel with five to ten gallons of water in each of your empty holding tanks. That includes the gray(s). The slight movement of the water in the tank will help to loosen anything that may have gotten stuck to surfaces inside the tank. Ice? Don’t bother. Just clean water is all that is needed.
  • Once you’ve gotten to that next camping destination, empty out that “traveling water” from your tanks and meter in three to five gallons in EACH tank. This helps to give your tanks a “fighting chance” with some clean water in them from the start of usage.
  • When using your toilet — either #1, #2 or #3 — fill the bowl up halfway, do your business, and flush it down. THEN, fill it up again and re-flush. We like to recommend that you fill it a third time for the next time someone uses the toilet.

It’s a holding tank, not a septic system
Your tanks are designed for one thing — to hold waste until it’s time to empty them. They are NOT septic tanks, so stop treating them like them. When you add tank additives that break down, dissolve, or liquify the tank’s contents — like you’ve been told to do — your tank (especially the black one) becomes a septic tank, full of a thick, sticky peanut butter- or pancake-like mixture. This coats your tank’s sensors, gathers along tank walls and the bottom, and is virtually impossible for you to clean out.

The only solution to get your tanks clean at this point is to use Kleen Tank’s exclusive 1500 PSI high-pressure hydrojetting service to literally scrub your holding tanks “factory kleen” from the inside and start you over. After that, use plenty of water and if you still want to a tank additive, we have a great one for you — that you can make yourself, very inexpensively. Here’s the recipe and how to do it!

Which toilet paper is best?
Ready for another shocker? It doesn’t matter which toilet papers you use in your RV’s toilet! Remember, your holding tank isn’t a septic system, it’s simply there to hold whatever you flush into it. And by using a toilet paper that breaks down quickly, you’re only contributing to the thick, sticky mess that is fouling up your sensors and making it hard to drain your tanks completely. So use what you want, just use…plenty of water.

Ready to get your RV’s holding tanks clean? Give Kleen Tank of Florida a call at 844-KLEENME (844-553-3663) or click here for a free quote. We’re servicing RV holding tanks all over the state of Florida.